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If you're trying to conceive a boy, you may well already that there are natural methods and things that you can do at home to greatly increase your odds of having a son. This article will discuss all natural, inexpensive (often free), non invasive things that you can do to have a boy baby.

Timing Conception And Ovulation To Conceive A Boy Requires Exact Precision:

Don't let this scare you. It isn't as difficult as it sounds. It is vital to understand that there are actually two types of sperm X and Y. X are the ones responsible for girl babies and Y for boys. Both X and Y have different characteristics and the way you play upon these can affect your chances of getting your baby boy.

X's are

· Strong

· Slow

· Hardy

Y's are

· Fast

· Weak

· Die quickly

So, to conceive a boy you need to MAKE SURE that you

Know when you ovulate.

Conceive as close to that time as possible.

When you ovulate the egg is in the correct position to be fertilised. If you conceive before ovulation the Y sperm are likely to have died off will waiting for the egg and the X's will have probably fertilised the egg resulting in baby girl.

Check your ovulation via:

· Calendar

· Basal temperature

· Cervical mucus

· Ovulation kits (most reliable and highly recommended)

Sexual position you conceive in is IMPORTANT

They are fast but if they have to travel too far they will die off trying! To further increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy you need to make sure the sperm are deposited as close to the cervix as possible. You need to use deeply penetrating positions.

Y's need to be comfy

X sperm can handle it if the environment is acidic but those little Y's just can't. You need to work hard to ensure you body has a ph that is alkaline. You can do this by changing your diet so that you are consuming foods that have an alkaline effect on the body and preferable also by douching with a specific alkaline solution that some clinics charge $$$'s for but you can do it at home for free!

You can check your progress by regularly checking your ph using ph strips that are widely available and inexpensive.

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There are douche recipes and food lists available that can make this process easier and inexpensive. I've put together a blog that includes lists and handy resources that I found invaluable when conceiving my boys. Take a look if you like

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Conceive a Boy Now - Top Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/01