How to Choose Boy's Boxer Shorts

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When boys hit puberty and start to worry more about the way they look and the clothes that they wear, it can be hard to accept that they are becoming adults. One of the first things they want to change about their clothing is often their underwear and the majority of boys stop wearing briefs and tight fitting underwear and choose to instead wear loose or structured boxing shorts.

With the recent trend of wearing boxer shorts with baggy jeans so that the top of the boxers can be seen, boys feel it is important to be seen wearing the right boxers (generally dark colors or plain white, with a branded elasticized waistband). This trend was first made famous by Calvin Klein who advertised using models dressed in loose trousers and their plain white boxer shorts. It soon became a phenomenon and as time passes, it is becoming increasingly common for boys to wear their trousers or jeans slung so low that actually, a lot of the boxers are on show! This is seen as particularly fashionable in boys who like skateboarding and BMX'ing. Although not necessarily very practical, it is all about the look and the statement that this gives. Adopting a certain unique image like this allows the group to stand out from the rest of the population.

Boy's boxer shorts come in all different shapes, styles and colors and can also be found in a variety of different fabrics. Most common is the classic cotton style of boxer shorts which offer a light, airy, comfortable style of underwear. Some boy's boxers are very loose and quite long in the leg, whereas others are a lot shorter and a lot tighter fitting. It is really up to an individual's taste as to which type they go for but it has to be said that the tighter fitting boxers offer more support. These should be worn during sports, or when the wearer is being very active as they are more practical and comfortable in this situation than the looser, baggy boxer shorts.

Where you buy boys boxers from is very important as you should always shop somewhere which sells boxer shorts specifically for boys. It is important not to purchase men's boxers which look as though they may fit a teenager or younger boy as these will not offer the support or protection that boy's boxer shorts will. The majority of children's clothing shops will sell underwear and there are many shops on the high street which sell adult's clothing that also sell children's clothing. It is worth investing in a few pairs of relatively expensive boxers that fit well and feel extremely comfortable on as in the long run, they will get a lot more wear out of them than they would an ill fitting pair of boxer shorts. Teenage boys in particular should always be consulted about the style and color of boxers which they like, and they should be encouraged to try out a few different types in order to find the ones that work best for them.

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How to Choose Boy's Boxer Shorts

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This article was published on 2010/04/22