How to Conceive a Boy Easily

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Some put it down to pure folklore but I am proof that you are able to pick the gender of your baby. I totally believe that following these methods I was able to manipulate my chances of getting the boys I so desired. The following is a little sneaky peek showing you how to conceive a boy.

Firstly let's get one confusing thing out of the way, the X and Y Chromosome thing. The X's are the girls. The Y's are the boys. You want these little Y's to fertilise the egg. You want to make your body as comfortable and pleasant a surrounding to them as it possibly can be. You want to make it a gnarly and inhospitable place for the X's, for know anyway.

Your diet before you conceive is very important Y's like alkaline environments. There are two main ways you can help promote your alkalinity. Firstly you can adapt your diet so you are consuming alkaline rich foods and not acidic. A small example for you. To conceive a boy your can enjoy a plethora of delicious foods without worrying asparagus, artichokes, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon, red meats, bananas, cauliflower, swede, to name but a few. You can also Douche with an alkaline solution to improve your chances. You can get these from your doctor or even make them at home.

The position in which you conceive can also help a lot. As you may well know the sperm carry the Y chromosome are quick little things but they die really quickly. To improve your chances of conceiving a boy you should get them as close to the egg as possible. Try out various deeply penetrating positions to succeed.

One more important thing is the time at which you ovulate. Now if you have not got to grips with this ovulation thing yet then don't fret my lovely. The facts are, they closer to the date of ovulation that you conceive the more likely you are to have a little boy because those fast little boy sperm will zoom up to the egg and fertilise it before the female sperm know whats hit them. You can check when you are ovulating by the look of your cervical mucus, your basal temperature and also by working it out on a calendar. EASY.

I am really interested in hearing your stories and would love to help out. If you have any questions or would like to view my blog for much more information then please visit now at I look forward to seeing you there!

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How to Conceive a Boy Easily

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This article was published on 2010/04/01