Potty Training Boys-Useful For Baby Boys

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Potty Training Boys are useful for the boys. Actually moms are the basic potty trainers of the children in a family. Basically boy child may take the long time to be trained in doing potty without a male role model in the family. Actually they want to copy the male role model in the bathroom. But the girls may adopt the same habit more quickly than boys while they notice someone doing potty in the bathroom.

There is another reason of learning which boys take more time than girls. Actually for the boys it is the two step process. First the boys learn to do it sitting down and then they learn how to stand up. If your boy takes more time than the girls of his age you should not be worried about it. You observe him whether he is ready to do or not. When he is ready just go from there.

Actually for the boys bowel movement and urine comes often in same time. It will make your son sit for the both action and he understands that the two activities involve in the potty. It will prevent him from getting diverted by the joy of spraying because you want to train him the basic procedure.

In order to Potty Training Boys it is fact that when your son will complete the learning how to toilet in the bathroom in sitting posture, he can further learn the standing position. If already a male role model for potty training is there in your family arrange for Dad, Uncle, older brother or a family friend for the purpose. Once your son observes the potty training in the bathroom from the adult let him practice in his potty chair independently. He will do potty in the big toilet after getting big. If your son is unwilling to learn then you can drop some O-shaped cereal or small flushable things in the toilet. It is expected that your son will clean some of his target. When you buy a potty chair for your son you should select one which is without a urine guard.

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Potty Training Boys-Useful For Baby Boys

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This article was published on 2010/12/21