You Better Believe It

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As you should know well by now that it takes two things to get six pack abs; diet and exercise. But sometimes even these two things don't provide the results so many people seek. Why? Because they are limited by their belief that they cannot obtain a slim stomach and have 6 pack abs.

I remember reading a story some years back about a little boy who had brain cancer. The boy's parents were devastated when the doctors gave him only months to live. The little boy was too young to understand what was happening to him. He only understood that there was something bad and it was in his head.

A month had gone by and the boy's parents noticed that instead of his condition worsening as the doctors predicted might happen that he was actually feeling and looking more vibrant. He was more active, more talkative and generally more of a participant, always wanting to play and be active. His diet was normal. In fact, he was eating everything in sight just like any healthy little boy.

Naturally his parents immediately took him to the doctor. After doing a CAT scan the doctors were in absolute awe at the images. The boy's cancer had not only gone into remission but was almost totally gone! Baffled, the doctors started looking for answers. The little boy wasn't given any special drugs or anything.

The boy's mom was so happy she started to cry tears of joy and hugged her son. Then the boy asked, "Mommy, why are you crying?" To which the mother replied, "Because I'm so happy. You know that bad thing that was in your head? Well, it's going away and it's almost gone!" The little boy looked at his mother and without missing a beat said, "I know. It's because I send out the spaceships and they attack it every night."

Everyone in the room was amazed. Before going to sleep every night while he was lying in bed, the little boy would imagine deploying spaceships and these spaceships would fire lasers at the "bad thing". After another month the cancer had totally disappeared.

This type of belief can also be applied to obtaining the body of your dreams; having ripped muscles, six pack abs and a slim stomach. If you can see the end result, if you can see yourself constantly with six pack abs and consistently produce the image in your mind you will believe it and your belief will empower you to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal. Remember, absolute power is in belief.

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You Better Believe It

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This article was published on 2010/03/29